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Signs of Change

What's happening to the caterpillar,"woolly bear"
as fall begins to show its looming face?
Are his bands of dark wide as he goes,
humping and dipping his way to"nod"?

And, what of the muskrat, framing his home;
Is it high above the limits of the pond?
Time grows long and longing for relief,
the "new norm" or like advent of spring?

Will we, as we've come to depend upon,
return to familiar routines,
light at the end of the proverbial tunnel grow
As ever, youth chafes at stern restraints.

When the familiar form of behavior is tumult,
the commonplace, resisting serenity,
will the steadfast hearts bond in reason,
through adversity, resolution arise?

Like winter's onset, furious wind and cold,
we bundle up, seek warmth, avoid freeze.
Will spring's warmth come, melting, nurturing,
and, like woolly bear caterpillars, change, get our wings?

@09/24/2020 Carol Welch
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