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Joy of Equality

In my childhood, songs of Stephen Foster,
spoke sweet nostalgia to me,
of young folks playing on the cabin floor,
seeing Dixie as someone's dear memory.

Now, I look and try to see another side,
when singing workers sang to soothe their hearts.
We sang of the young man who comforted his bride,
when from their way of living they must part.

I wish now for hearts that are color blind,
and bitterness to be washed from every heart.
Bless those who in their neighbor find,
whatever their race or creed, an equal part.

The stars and stripes that speak of freedom,
have blessed me with the gifts of choice.
I pray for all to see, and have, and be,
people who value their worth and rejoice.

@07/30/2020 Carol Welch
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