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Avian Seasons

The robin hops along the ground,
Brings us no surprise.
But cardinal with his bright red crest,
Is a wonder to our eyes.

The robin looks for rising prey;
Earthworms bask in the rain,
The cardinal detects seeds that lay,
From the bird feeder, dropped grain

The herbivore and carnivore,
Both feed upon the ground;
Robinís feed can slip into earthís door;
Cardinalís seed stays around.

So we see the robin quickly hop,
His dinner to protect;
Cardinals calmly pick what they see drop,
Perhaps, the best select.

With winter time a change comes íround;
The worm comes up no more;
Mr. Robin flies to unthawed ground,
Feeds perkily as before.

@07/26/2020 Carol Welch
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