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Cat Conciliation

Fatso and Long ears were dairy farm cats;
interesting, each came as a stray.
The food pan with milk on the barn floor sat,
and each one snarled, "Keep away."

Fatso, a softie, with spots, white with gray,
seemed peaceful and gentle also,
but his line was crossed with verve on the day,
that Long ears to the pan first would go.

The yowling and howling deafened our ears;
That Long ears looked like a lynx;
his crouching and attitude stirred up our fears,
"but it's not hopeless," big brother thinks.

This behavior goes on day after day,
though, with children, each was quite tame.
The idea came, to change the cats' way,
we'd challenge them soon with a game.

A feed bag was empty; ideas came fast;
it was soon filled with riled up cat foes.
Those boys took turns swinging until at last,
the yowling stopped, bag still closed.

A sight it was, surprise and a sport;
they staggered , confused and much changed;
leaning on each other like buddies for support.
It lasted (who'd think it?) long range.

@08/01/2020 Carol Welch
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