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It's Not Today

Everything that will ever happen is not today.
Let occasion for surprise await tomorrow,
as mystery's bonds and dread don't own the way.

A consequence we may sometime have to pay,
and face foreboding of a future sorrow;
everything that will ever happen is not today.

"Our life can be held in more Able Hands," we say,
and, everything unseen we need not borrow,
and mystery's bond and dread need not hold sway.

A lot of life is work; a lot is play;
to be a dull being or adventurous as Kilamanjaro.
Everything that will ever happen is not today

Time comes to voice a humble "oops," or hearty,"Yay!"
Good plans He holds for us for our coming morrow.
Drive mystery's uncertainty and dread away.

For Mom and Dad, guileless girl and growing boy, I pray,
a helping huge of joy, a dearth of sorrow.
And mystery will only veil the joy, or spunk display;
everything that happens will be a surprise that day.

@02/08/2019 Carol Welch
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