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Accept and Enjoy

Do I hear, "It's ten below?"
Dear folks in my home town,
Though I don't miss the frigid blow,
snow on trail may lessen frown.

I hear the government's come back;
payroll is anticipated.
It's hoped agreement will not lack,
missing services activated.

Remember how the snowy spray,
shielded faces, scarves and masks.
"Let me try; I can brave the way,"
a little brother asks.

They claim we rub it in when we,
relate our daily news;
Flight home sometimes tempts me,
unless of time I make good use.

Kids and grandkids I miss from home,
are busy; I hope all are well.
Scattered; to see them, I'd have to roam.
May try that for a spell.

Where ever we are, we have to face,
many things would be so nice:
at one time, we can't be everyplace,
tropics, snow and ice.

Well, see what's here until the day,
we travel there again.
Can we help someone along the way,
smile, enjoy what is, what's been.

@01/11/2019 Carol Welch
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