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Large or Small Way

"Let it begin with me."
easy, sometimes, to say,
until issues become contrary,
and nothing goes our way.

Can it be that empathy,
kicks in when needs are revealed,
differing sides, insight to see,
wisdom to stand firm or yield.

When circumstances complicate,
our motive to keep peace,
too much controversy on the plate;
Can concern and respect bring release?

An entity, though small or large,
a nation or a crew,
a means to establish tasks and charge,
good will conveyed, both me and you.

"A will, a way," we've heard and see,
now to put it into deeds,
again, it must begin with me,
acknowledging others' needs.

It takes a lot of give to trust,
the working of each one.
Somehow, somebody, or group must,
agree something can be done.

Then should the action ripple out,
and move toward cooperation,
empathy with those needs left in doubt,
promotes association.

Big order; though we heed the call,
none alone, but should we agree,
though each, alone, can't do it all,
it can begin with you and me.

@01/29/2019 Carol Welch
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