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New Moon Revealed

A glowing streak appears in evening sky,
glittering arc, though slender, makes its mark,
before and while bright stars slip in by and by,
new moon, breaking in above the sea and park.

Reflecting in fond pairs of dewy eyes,
while lying back, its light nearly in repose,
or viewed by eyes miles apart, dream or fantasize
about the one they'd be with at day's close.

Caressing strands of raven black or gold or gray,
that faint, slim lighting in a distant line,
soon to advance and beam a broader way,
reminding us of a dear valentine.

The one we claim and hope for, Valentine,
whom, in moon or sun or clouds we like to view,
today, tonight, and years to come be mine,
and, in new moons of the future will be you.

@02/09/2019 Carol Welch
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