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Invention's mother is necessity,
hats off though stress may be the leading force
awakening of ingenuity,
element that puts the task on course.

How to get the gadget in position,
and to satisfy the needs at hand,
finding what is right for the condition
to meet the particular demand.

Personal preference mandates the invention--,
will it benefit society?
device that can unravel the contention,
inherent in culture's diversity.

A small change can alter course of history,
forming chain stitch for the sewing machine,
the wheel, of course, forward—no mystery,
and agitator that gets our clothing clean.

Or, be the hook that dangles from the ceiling,
so we can reach that which we often use.
A breakthrough, but I seem to get the feeling,
the latter, simple type of thing. I would produce.

If it is earthshaking, useful, mundane,
what a benefit is liberty,
aptly exercise as best we can,
our gift of ingenuity

@09/10/2019 Carol Welch
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