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Gratitude and Peace

How gratitude for simple things,
can pass unappreciated,
when worry inattention brings,
obstacles are over rated.

A bit of focus on the good,
can lift us from the worry,
perspective changed, as well it should,
from random stress and hurry.

One foot before the other place,
with calm and faith's assurance.
The day's a journey, not a race;
find the good in each occurrence.

A measure of the guidance there,
available, as we seek it,
we may even be inclined to share,
and act on it and speak it..

The Father's caring from above,
can bring the peace we're lacking,
even bring to our neighbors love;
we need one another's backing.

As those with me have kindness shared,
that attitude is a blessing.
In response to those who have cared,
I extend, received, my lesson.

@09/16/2019 Carol Welch
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