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Fall Festival 2019

Some things in life don't change; we celebrate,
the season change, community, and neighbors.
God-given beauty we appreciate,
grateful--see the fruit of local labors.

For some of us, the passing years just raced;
others live the days with dragging feet;
developments around us set the pace;
we seize the new before it's obsolete.

As growing season, summertime concludes,
abundance of the land and industry,
enthusiasm of our youth, fun and food,
we can thank God for our community.

The gathering of friends from near and far,
parade with bands and queens and kiddies too,
tradition with the air of a bazaar,
cherishing the old, and heralding the new.

Years passing since Fall Festival began'
when crops and livestock show attention reigned.
Pens were set up to exhibit them,
the old school Art and Home Ec show maintained

Some competition part of all events,
thrilling rides and treats for one and all,
once a year, a shared experience,
so crown the queen; enjoy the season—Fall.

@09/03/2019 Carol Welch
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