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Home Coming and Going

They have all gone away; almost all were here.
Our anticipation was rewarded, what joy,
except for a few, although all brought us cheer,
with love sent with their Mom or Dad, girl or boy.

How festive the table, food colorful decor,
Inviting as flowers arranged graciously,
the aromas, the flavors, sparkles galore,
the crystal, beverage, or eyes shine at me.

Now, the shine of eyes and the glow of smiles,
that attended our days, living up to our plans,
are turning around, though the other way miles,
leave us misty, as each route homeward fans.

Family, leaving blessing, shared ups and downs,
with thankful hearts, reacquainting with each one's walk
sharing meals, sharing hugs, pains and growth's crowns,
the gift of hands, love words, face to face talk.

So, thanks to our Father in Heaven for all,
for the people, sweetness of family and home,
If we've hosted or visited that cozy hall,
with nostalgia, it remains, though all roam.

@12/01/2017 Carol Welch
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