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Gallant Lance Melville

Among my blessings , as I count,
to lift my spirits for the day,
surprised at what a large amount
the gifts and aid that come my way.

Looking back, I recall a flight,
home from a wedding of one dear.
The beauty, love, shared, but the plight,
a fall, return in pain, Oh dear!

The steps were steep, the pavement hard,
attention on the happy pair,
a misstep, and the mood was marred,
though hosts and guests helped pain to bear.

Across the country from my town,
the joyous occasion, travel need.
A dear niece helped when I was down,
the airport, crutch, ice, support, lead.

To Phoenix was my only stop;
a wheel chair brought me to the gate.
Shock! my connecting flight had left;
my plane--Oh, no!--five hour wait.

Facilities afforded no place,
to lie back, rest, support my leg.
It was then, Providence and grace,
hero, before I had to beg.

Of middle age, like my dear son,
someone who cared, what was the chance?
He asked what mishap had undone,
His name was Melville, first name, Lance.

The non-existent leg support,
he quickly rounded up for me.
Patiently listened, what a sport,
and told of his job and family.

Five hours in pain, strong meds forbade,
passed while Lance shared, helped, and arranged,
request for first class connection conveyed,
My eyes popped! My situation changed.

Today, I'm patting gratefully,
lap blanket, return I'd forgone,
that had covered my injured knee,
when Lance my admiration won.

Tomorrow, if a helping hand,
should extend to you by chance,
or if I should do so, I will stand,
grateful for God-send named Lance.

@12/05/2017 Carol Welch
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