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Adequate Expression

At the receding shades of night,
I perceive creation of the Lord's,
marveling at the gift of sight,
seeking to bring to light the words.

The words and phrases to make clear,
the wonders that I sense and see,
I marvel at the balladeer,
with meaningful analogy.

The geese fly south in chevron form;
the north wind whispers, "cold."
the golden wheat waves at the storm,
no bold drifts will dare enfold .

The sun with warmth just like a smile,
can shoo away impending gloom,
present a decorator's style,
as brightening a dreary room.

The words of mine inadequate,
may seek to fathom nature's scope,
while I in my ineffective state,
with this one day, attempt to cope.

@11/21/2017 Carol Welch
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