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Forecast Fickle

Just a few short days ago,
outlook for seventy brought glee.
Now, after a preview of winter,
we cheer a forecast of forty-three.

A child here just over a week ago,
an hour delayed, sliding snow was gone.
Now, no one is here for sledding,
and--brrr--snow lingers on.

Scenes of sunny Florida,
gleamed in my dear man's eyes;
delaying ten day, and the forecast,
says the temperature here will rise.

The shovel for the snow is brought out,
should more snow now arrive.
Thanksgiving will come and go again;
it may be for Christmas he will drive.

If autumn in Wisconsin,
makes climate of tropics appeal,
conditions will go up and down,
no matter how we may feel.

@11/19/2017 Carol Welch
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