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Heigh-ho County Fair

Exemplary week, the weatherman foresees,
while those who give attention to county events,
or to striving of children's activities,
plan to center their week on what show ring presents.

Jubilation reigns as exhibit is complete,
or in its final stages challenge is posed.
Culmination of the summer or plan replete,
time to enjoy, that preparation is closed.

It's Heigh-ho come to the fair, its color and fun,
the music and talent, new experiences come,
for young and old, especially small, curious one,
those anticipating the annual county fun.

Grand stand events, how grand, competition or show,
scenes from the past, like the horse pull or now-day,
demolition, thrill to those with care highways go,
can vicariously throw all that caution away.

Hats off to the horticulturists applying skill,
to bring colorful welcome to building and gate,
to the staff who give order events on the bill,
all the exhibits to find and appreciate

So, it's our homegrown talent that we display.
baby animals small ones to thrill, a fun day
All of the above are why we like to say,
"Heigh-ho , come to the fair," Wednesday to Sunday.

07/27/2017 Carol Welch
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