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County Fair Facets

Again, we prepare, fancy, and anticipate,
annual climax, both nostalgia and current gain.
Whether we attend, mentor, or participate
this time of year holds pleasure, recompense from pain?

The pain of seeing concerted efforts go awry,
that of seeing children, earnest, disappointed too,
compensating good that when results aren't high,
the learning and accepting bring peace into view.

Seeing a young woman or a young man come forth,
because of trying, taking lesser with the good,
of seeing in the beauty of the effort, worth,
excelling or useful deed, much understood.

The event proceeds, step by step each passing year;
the planners of the county and--grass roots--youth groups,
adding to the foundation laid in customs dear,
so, another fair engages eager troops.

A glance back, what myriad tradition carries on,
when the offspring of the backyard cow was shown,
and every hill displayed a herd of cows and barn,
before modern ways would the marginal dethrone.

We now take off our hats to those who share their skill,
experience with advanced techniques and ways,
and expose many youth to what our world does fill.
Our fair shows exhibits from those useful days.

Hats off to the many colors now to come,
the action in the show ring, in the midway too,
the produce of the gardens, flowers, fashion done.
Horse games in the arena, tractor, horse pull too.

As years go by the"Fairest of the Fair" presides
Young lady of both usefulness and looks.
Well, come along, enjoy exhibits and the rides;
believe me, it's all that it's presented in the books.

07/18/2017 Carol Welch
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