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August Royalty

Hail, August, with summer, rich, overgrown,
robed in morning mist, winding down,
emerging of the goldenrod scepter,
King Midas' prairie sunflower crown.

Wild horse nimbus clouds race silent night fall,
in her stole, wild cucumber froth festooned,
Queen Anne's lace, dressed for her August ball,
is daintily by her fall suitors swooned.

Secluded in covert green leaf hideaway,
fawns, spots fading, curiosity increased,
leap and skip on low foliage-trimmed banks,
thrilling those whose rare viewing--how pleased.

Wild turkey flocks, shyly hidden, appear,
as summer's season slips quietly on,
regimental form, roadside silhouette,
dark troops with their leader, then quickly gone.

A season so royal, crowned by Queen Anne's lace,
royalty with a scepter of floral gold,
King Midas with a smile on his face,
sports goldenrod stately and bold.

07/30/2017 Carol Welch
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