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Like Rapunzel in her tower high,
we stand afar from those for whom we care,
or the maiden who suffered to save six swans,
having scarce conception of how to spare.

That Ominous, sinister, emerging enemy,
and now for our citizens we raise defense,
from existing unawares, has spread sea to sea,
what yesterday seemed outrageous, making sense.

And now, we see necessity to follow rules,
to keep the unseen threatening enemy at bay,
staying distant within our workplace, shops, and schools,
believing our observance to them will save the day.

Who would think, when we could touch and hold,
it seemed kindest to friends and family?
Now, finding, like Aesop's tales of old,
standing apart in their best interest could be.

@03/22/2020 Carol Welch
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