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Social Distance

Where are the little boys and girls,
And the bright school bus, yellow and black,
That conveyed them to their playmate world,
And at day’s end, bringing them back?

Where are the playgrounds, alive with play,
Work places for the industrious ones,
Gathering purposefully day by day,
Sharing homework to be done?

An unseen reality stealing the good,
Unsuspecting but moving to face,
The situation, imposing and rude,
Making the world an unsafe place.

We all look forward to looking back
At limitations we lately have seen,
For the light at the end of what seems so black,
When we will have finished –quarantine.

Factories and shops closed, unless they’re essential
The restaurants to gather in with our friends,
The churches and meeting halls, providential,
Thank God, broadcast as media extends.

Cruise ships, once the luxury of wealth,
Were loaned to location of need,
Factories producing products for health,
To emotional well-being, we gave heed.

Six feet was minimum recommended space,
For social or commerce exchange;
Hugs, only family, ten gathering, any place,
Hearts posted, caring thoughts, loving change.

From old sheets and shirts, making protective masks,
To keep the dangerous viruses out,
Some ready to give to anyone who asks,
To help weather this part of the bout.

The lessons: if you isolate, not in your soul;
Being reclusive may cause you to shrink.
Altruistic interest adds to your whole,
Flavors how you feel and you think.

Someday , look back, recall distance we’ve seen,
Separate in our place, despite weather,
Remembering time of our self quarantine,
And recall ways that it drew us together.

@04/04/2020 Carol Welch
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