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Autumn Exchange

Another rainy morning,
after a sunny summer spell,
passed by, last night's storm warning;
All is gloomy, but it's well.

So I pick up sodden foliage,
pick dead blossoms from the plants,
grateful for minimum spoilage,
and the moisture that rain grants.

Plants beneath the eaves now watered,
rain misses them,ironically.
They are dry but weren't slaughtered,
as the rained poured furiously.

Time passing, Amery's festival,
seemed like a recent summer day,
a well-loved couple was honored,
Frosty Hermann and dear wife, Kay.

Seeing here and there, bright colors exchange,
for the lush foliage of green,
tells us, though it may seem strange,
"Enjoy the new season's brilliant scene."

The swing of season gives our birds,
need for attentive human care,
so, those empty, wet bird feeders
for cold days or fall flight, we prepare.

To see the glad reaction
of creatures who can't speak or smile,
gives to us the satisfaction,
seeing that it's all worthwhile.

@09/21/2018 Carol Welch
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