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Fall Predictors

Like a post script, the last one or two balloon flowers,
open up their showy purple bells;
the humming birds dart and balance, through daylight hours,
though ferns brown off, predicting, in the dells.

Predicting? Yes, though budding rose denies the fall;
like a mirror, purple morning glories show,
refusing, forenoon hour, to close up on the wall,
and wind-bent black-eyed-Susans retain their glow.

The finches flit, both--the misnamed--purple, also gold;
a new visitor, the red-breasted nuthatch charms,
with color and activity that we behold,
still, blackbirds gather at the nearby farms.

Now, will the unfinished seasonal message close,
with flowers bidding their regretful, sweet goodbye?
Aha! Contradicting that farewell blooming rose,
the cardinal, woodpecker, and chickadee say, "Hi."

@09/18/2018 Carol Welch
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