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Horizontal or What

A censure should surely be effected,
those who on each surface horizontal,
place an object they've collected,
be its approach tactful or confrontal.

There are those whose own homes they arrange,
for the pleasure of the observing eye.
A blatant and, you'll agree, unwelcome change,
is the thoughtless random object left to lie.

The temptation of a handy surface flat,
not only to the welcome passer-by,
but, to the one who avoids just that,
when haste or lack of space their aim defy.

The surface vertical, of course, requires,
some sort of appendage, (may lack class,)
to hang on steadily: nails, screws or wires;
still, hooks and such, too, may mess amass.

A surface mounted at diagonal position,
precludes the level standing of a vase;
still by resourcefulness or omission,
some can pile up plenty in that space.

If you plan arrangement horizontally,
take into account the option of a shelf'
or you may find that inattentively,
you've piled up the table tops yourself.

@09/22/2018 Carol Welch
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