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Assuring Entrance

I looked under the door mat; many hide them there;
it had to be a place I'd quickly see.
I'd been told, "Always keep an extra key--a spare."
You're not locked out if you can find the key.

So, I made myself safe and followed the advice;
I needed just a place I could recall.
My knowing I was freed from being locked out was nice,
a place common to me and hidden from all.,,

That likely day arrived, and I breathed, "Ahah!"
This is the time for which I had provided.
The house key not in my purse, but it wasn't far;
I had but to go to the place I'd decided.

There was the thermometer, usual, yet obscure,
not behind there, I easily saw.
Under the door mat, predictably, too sure,
my slip of the mind seemed to oppose the law.

Oh, yes, I remember now; we trimmed the hedge;
the stones around it made good sense.
Counting that many nearly drove me to the edge;
well, there still was the main post of the fence.

Have you ever shivered while attempting clear thought:
well, prayer is a help, and I was bubbling with glee.
I say from inside, "It's as you said I ought,"
but I can't share where I found the key.

@03/07/2018 Carol Welch
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