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Here Comes Daylight Saving Time

Let's spring ahead; the time has come for springing,
although but twenty-four hours still are there,
hopefully, we see extra time for playing, singing,
at least, eight hours of work fit in somewhere.

It's a time that's easy to latch onto,
since hours of light are more plentiful each day.
The higher path the sun takes through hours raises,
the warmth prompting us to make a useful way.

When we fell back last fall, the day's light shorter,
accomplishments went on productively.
To backing down from progress, we gave no quarter;
now, we anticipate more fun activity.

The hours still march on in an ordered fashion,
and work-a-day brings results as we may strive.
So, at day's beginning or its end our action,
we seem to see long evening hours as life alive.

Hurray, daylight time.

@03/05/2018 Carol Welch
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