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Passion Flower

Resigned now to its passing,
hope that seemed destined to be fulfilled,
the frilly flower we fancied,
produced with culture skilled.

Chosen for its vibrance,
it flourished, replanted anew;
passion lived out on lively leaves;
a vigorous vine it grew.

The passion flower thus chosen,
for veiling of the view,
while producing floral symmetry,
attracted predators, a few.

Disguised as flitting butterflies,
they planted eggs that later,
produced hairy caterpillars,
the very ones that ate her.

They crawled and chomped the lively leaves,
that grew on vigorous vine;
they horrified the owner,
devastating her hopes so fine.

The passion that produced the bloom.
the verdure so desired,
became greedy passion to consume,
beauty and hope retired.

Passion flower, your loveliness,
eaten by lowly worms, and then,
a bare post is our reminder,
of what might have been.

@03/12/2018 Carol Welch
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