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Super Blue Moon and Eclipse

when at the rare predicted time. nature would give her show,
to wake at four and view the gleaming pinnacle,
the moon its brightest, poised to share its dimming glow.

How easy it would be to sleep on through,
miss nature's long-awaited, marvelous event,
and with regret. miss, as the hours--one or two--
that we would have watched, simply came and went .

But, no--to view the moon on its glowing pinnacle,
and blink back sleep as it began to sink,
so slowly, we wondered--would we see?--
the change, or would it slip off quickly as a wink?

Descending toward the trees' amorphous range,
eyes await the dimming, wondering how it may be.
speculating when and how would come the change;
dipping,dropping, we strive the phenomenon to see.

From night to day, the unmatchable bids goodbye;
what privilege to be on hand to see,
nature's mystery and majesty,
and part of such a splendid scene to be.

Looking back, at four, then five-thirty, still high and bright,
watching--see the moon's slow, then rapid--slide.
Almost seven, drops its redness and dimmed light,
within moments of the sunrise on the other side.
@02/03/2018 Carol Welch
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