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Hope's Luster

Across the bay, the rippled luster;
we hope it represents the day.
When soundly slapped, sudden bluster,
wind-driven rain obscures the way.

Wry smile: what is it we expect,
as a bit of drive we muster?
glad for the rain gear to protect,
hearing of snow far south as Custer.

Waiting for warm sun on the beaches,
days away from loved ones' arms.
the artless unsuspecting teaches,
unavoidable that which harms.

The power, Person, with the shield,
with the instrument of healing,
to doubt and fear we must not yield,
ever to hope lead the feeling.

Still. when sunshine warms the shores,
though we hear of squalls and snow,
an earth darkened--fears and wars,
still a face of winsome hope can show.

If the luster is on dawning bay,
or if accented by snow falling,
we ask for hope to attend our way,
like Father, Mother, holding, calling.

@01/29/2018 Carol Welch
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