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Succession of the Week

Saturday, after T-G-I-F,
time so short that we anticipate,
filled with postponed tasks of usefulness,
or fun and frolic that may make us late.

The week is designated solarly,
hours of sunlight increase or decline,
a distance measurable by degree,
computed by facts known, yours or mine.

Six days, it is decreed, we are to labor,
although Saturday may be up for grabs.
We support our own or help our neighbor.
exercise to slim or strengthen abs.

So, Saturday, the weekend. we could ask,
is it so important what we do?
Perhaps there is another kind of task,
that would better serve both me and you.

Visiting, since industry's recess,
frees us family to entertain,
recreation, if moderate we confess,
may tend to bring us much more joy than pain.

In the long year are but fifty-two,
weekends to catch up or recreate,
limited by nights what we can do,
or allowed by long days we await.

When Sunday comes, may we continue,
to let God above our ways to guide,
through the week, in mind and heart and sinew,
we'll feel good and right about the ride.

Though it may seem to be an endless grind,
these seven repeated days of which we speak,
but think of all the good that we can find,
by spending well each weekend every week.

@02/12/2018 Carol Welch
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