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Genuine Valentines

I wish my guy love on Valentine's;
Many girls send Valentines too.
While it's the year's very special time,
it is not just something to do.

For all the times she is there for him,
when the thought of being all alone,
makes the occasion grim or dim,
her presence makes itself known.

Or, plans for the future, him and her,
add new luster to their life to share,
problems fade into rose-colored blur,
It happens when special romance is there.

As years go by, and still he's there;
she gets his dinner and folds his shirts.
He tunes washer, car, and Frigidaire,
hugs and kisses away her hurts.

It's then those red hearts give their glow,
with age, they have proven like wine,
through ups and downs, we come to know,
we have a genuine Valentine.

@02/14/2018 Carol Welch
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