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Small Town Midwest

Fast food, fine food, family fare,
stop light, four way, four lane, two,
the department store has moved elsewhere,
vintage shops, a common view.

Small town, city, both combined,
remnants of what used to be,
still we like the providential find,
the thrift store holds, good buy with glee.

Yet, the automobile holds sway,
dealers, mechanics, accessories, parts.
It helps those who shop farther away,
as opportunity for shopping departs.

Instead of country drives for Sunday's view,
busy city calls, fulfilling want,
while our home possesses, yet anew,
our identification within—out front.

Fast food, fine food, family fare,
good place to live though simple in form,
or our dream house—could we compare?
on streets pleasant beyond the norm.

The best of both worlds, would you say?
With country charm, farm food, and arts.
Additional needs, just hours away,
today and past days, holds our hearts

@10/27/2019 Carol Welch
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