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A Limerick of Recovery

For miracles, don't look so far;
not only distant land, far-off star.
Look in the closest heart,
where desperation did start.,
and some things that were no longer are.

What we we chose—minimize or embellish;
ah, those memories, we don't relish.
Thanks to only One who could change us,
gently show us and rearrange us.
With His love, we're improved, not quite angel-ish.

Blank state again, gift, feels so strange;
if I choose to be guided, will I change?
Launching out, though hours similar,
status quo mark, or raise the bar?
My priorities may rearrange

To look back seeing ground that is gained,
a day that's worthwhile gratefully attained.
Uncluttered dawn, each step now advance;
learning employs drudgery, also dance,
The sounder stand now is unfeigned.

Ah, bring the gift, this familiar scene,
what rushed by, passed as “might have been,”
brings opportunity anew,
for today's grander view,
when, though trials, recovery we glean.

@10/24/2019 Carol Welch
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