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When lifeís abrasive issues seem to point our way,
And we forget how mountains out of molehills grow,
Considering cause and effect, not personality,
May keep those fast expanding bumps to slow.

The best construction may be kept in mind,
For emoting may find fault the definition,
When forgetting the best side of things to find,
And, to seek to understand, the better mission.

The human creature, much like me, may trip and err,
It happens also to the best ; letís give some slack.
Our Maker knew our frailties, so to bear
The brunt of our faults with His Son bought back.

So, now, when brother or sister seems to say,
Anotherís shame and doings, a disgrace,
With so much opportunity to err each day,
Allow them with stumbles or misstep, to save face.

@05/20/2020 Carol Welch
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