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Rushing the Season

Do I try to rush the days,
the season soon to come?
Bloom of lilacs scents the breeze;
hear hint of honey bees hum.

Little peepers in the marsh,
bring longing for summer days;
good bye to northern breezes harsh
warm sun will banish haze.

Just a day of sunny promise,
bring out shorts and halter dress;
Though followed by cool showers;
approach of summer seems much less.

Seeing the blooming woodland,
the meadow growing high,
brings back the feel of freedom,
swimming hole and cloudless sky.

The moment and hour so precious,
as I hear the robin sing,
Am I missing this day's freshness,
to grab summer out of spring?

So, linger slight hepaticas;
hold petals another day;
cowslips bright petals fall;
hold briefly onto May.

Ou signs of spring so compelling,
let me savor still;
A season anticipated,
will step in as it will

@05/27/2019 Carol Welch
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