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Cables and Vines

Like bare, twisted woodland vine and twig,
they lie askew on floor and rug;
In the scheme of things, not very big,
the former, tasty to worm or bug.

Electronically, by owner's claimed,
potential for audio visual lies;
within the tangleŚcould be tamed,
symphony or drama or sci-fis,
or, in the scene neatly framed,
that which can shock or please the eyes.,

The power of optic fiber's flow,
energy of sap awakened in spring,
transforms the mode in sunny glow;
by bidding of remote, media bring.

The Master of ingenuity,
Father of nature, richly endows,
upon His creation, power to be,
and, on His children, creativity allows.

When comes to order, the tangled, bleak,
buds bud and bloom; new leaves unfold.
Melody we hear, the words they speak;
from order, life and beauty, we behold.

@05/31/2019 Carol Welch
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