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Oregon Trip

I would have been in touch on time,
if I could have found the wireless.
Oh, well, I've found it now; it's prime,
to share how this time does/will bless.

The country over Oregon way,
is inundated with deep green;
smile abound, loved ones each day,
Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene.

The gratitude to those at home,
making possible this travel,
time to renew relationships,
and memories to unravel.

Remind me when I say I miss,
sea and mountains wooded grandeur,
the thanks expressed from these very lips,
to the keeper of home and doer.

When Oregon is a memory ,
of love and hospitality,
my heart will hold their scenery,
and your generosity.

As I said, "will." time hasn't passed,
though good-bye waves will take place;
images of mountain roads will last,
with images of each loved face.

@10/19/017 Carol Welch
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