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A Significant Weekend

Beside the furrowed brow about the threat,
to winter homes and homes of friends,
in danger's way, of wild waves beset,
our prayers rise as each span of fierceness ends.

We look back sixteen years and only praise,
the bravery, lives lost and risks they dared.
When terrorists tore, exploded, ghastly days,
broken hearts grieved losses lives not spared.

Such is the resilient heart of of man,
woman who through their fears and bitter pain,
praise the bravery, salute autumn again,
where memories,fun, festivity, had been.

We flaunt the glad brightness of the leaves,
the harvest and the time of coming home.
We choose a queen; a medal one retrieves.
wide hearts and lives bask under sky's blue dome.

@09/10/2017 Carol Welch
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