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Morning is Breaking

I could have slept another cozy hour,
surrounded by dark near-dawn,
but lay instead, softly caressed,
by music; gentle words went on.

Country things, why and how of life,
the hope, depth, the curious ways;
we cherish hope, endure the strife,
walk in reliance through the days.

I sniff; old coffee pot is on;
I did set it up last night.
Bless your heart; you pushed the button;
I see slowly expanding light.

I think, how weary your night shut down,
surprised now, you still get to it,
pencil words, thought and feeling make known,
I read words; you hung in to do it.

Goodness of purpose, all around,
though results are not guaranteed,
step by step, outcomes are found,
trusting God to meet each need.

@09/27/2020 Carol Welch
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