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This wasn't what I planned to do,
but I recall my vow,
"What I start, I will finish."
I picked it up; I'll finish now.

I stopped to write, you may observe;
well, that is an exception,
recording of success to serve,
from my intent's conception.

The tendency to get side-tracked,
feature of procrastination,
the progress of the action backed,
into postponed frustration.

So, forward now, obstacles omit,
except for the recording,
resulting progress performing it,
my diligence rewarding.

Perform, observe, then analyze,
the progress now I'm making;
one task done, better satisfies,
than many a half-done undertaking.

Though consistency may seem humdrum,
the outcome can be exciting.
Motivation from results may come;
remember, the exception, writing.

@09/27/2020 Carol Welch
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