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Thanksgiving Diversity

It came to my mind short days ago,
that while I so treasure Thanksgiving Day,
some others may not have found it so,
from another angle, a different way.

For those who saw their land trespassed,
by unknown men with ways so strange,
who into their hearts intense fear cast:
Would they be hurt or made to change?

History tells us, by Providence,
some of the native folks could see,
through becoming familiar with humanness,
they could help the strangers with their need.

Because of a capture where they could learn,
the ways of the intruders and bring peace,
through inclement weather and health concern,
native folk, who could, helped hunger cease.

Though seeing each other as enemies,
a power among them turned around for some,
and a reason for hope, survival to ease,
thankfully, for goodness could come.

Though hardship not ended for nearly all,
a saving solution was found for the time,
sharing their skill and their sustenance small,
diverse people feasted, survival being prime.

Although many generations have passed,
even in peace, contention holds sway.
Efforts at cooperation that can last,
still stir our hearts. Bless Thanks giving Day

@11/19/2018 Carol Welch
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