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August-Present and Anticipation

Another August day has shown its face;
God's in His Heaven; all's right with the world
News is; a probe is en route into space,
aimed to reveal more of creation now unfurled.

On this small patch of universe, choices are made,
and we proceed with God and conscience's guide.
A harvest looms, blessing a locale pleasingly laid,
amid the farms, rural commerce and history's pride.

Sweet baby pics are displayed for citizens to match,
with the lovely and promising young women they've become,
and we, with gratitude, learn life's lessons we catch,
and, as we await September festivities, things hum.

With numerous blessings this August day has in store,
friends, family, health, guidance, home, our way hurled,
and, yet, as this day begins, I'll say, at the fore,
"God's in His Heaven, hand on us, all's right with world."

@08/17/2018 Carol Welch
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