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Seasons Music

The music of the fall, the marching bands,
the wistful ballad of a sweetheart left,
clapping of spectators' ardent hands ,
whistling of untimely joys bereft.

Winter music, by glad carols enwrapped,
with rosy cheeks and fluffy scarves, tucked in,
an overture resounding, joy untapped,
the choir, organ and the sound of violin.

Springtime music, a hopeful melody,
that lilts welcome to all that is awake,
whose sadness is the parting "you and me",
for those who have to part at summer break.

Summer music, ah, the eddy in the stream
for some, the lofty mountain scenes enthrall,
where yodelers' unique echoes weave a dream,
while eyes of wonder view the waterfall.

@08/26/2017 Carol Welch
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