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Seasonal Flower

Curious,is it not, the seasonal flower,
when it ends its season of dormancy,
eagerly pushes swelling buds,
out of its stems, burgeoning in blooms
Relatively rapid, in the gradual mode of plants,
it puts out bell-shaped snowy floral display.

Blow me away! It lavishly multiplies blooms.
What fun to share it flamboyant pouring forth.
Longevity, so pleasing through the summer months,
softens the dwindling going dormant will confirm.
Reluctant to end its bloom, it dwarfs,
its final buds among those shrinking, dried.
A bud or two opens sluggishly, white, but small.
Can it lift its tiny, snow white petals,
to delay its ending state?
We smile; hope is, the cycle will replicate.

A winter's rest in the cool and dark,
The pot brought into light--anticipate.
How brown and sere, just grubby dirt.
Then only days, if, as in years past,
little mouse-ear-size leaves appear,
and start the seasonal flower mode again.
So, give a corny cheer with all that's in ya'------Gloxinia!

@08/23/2020 Carol Welch
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