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October Cycle

Rubies, woodbine leaves strung on ironwood's throat,
more leaves transformed from emerald overnight,
the woods, subtle topaz edges, sprinkled here and there,
as flashes of orange reward our waiting sight.

That's all passe', a week gone by;
now glossy green grape leaves yellow turn,
preview of winter's fencerow scrolls displayed,
backdrop for the faded woodland fern

Temperatures are each day cycling down;
the summer warmth is now a surpise rare.
Again, a dreary leaden sky brings rain,
followed by a new day's tease with lesser sunny fare.

Oak leaves take the stage, brown, olive, garnet red,
to see us off merrily on autumn's bon voyage ,
while grass, still green, awaits a freeze with dread,
and leaves of every kind our lawn barrage.

So colors we have anticipated change,
some surprise us, quickly, some turn oh, so slow.
Preparing us for what will sooner or later come,
a surprising and early November snow.

@10/31/2017 Carol Welch
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