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Mysteries Concealed

Another day; each one its mysteries holds,
unwrap as hours proceed, don't get a peek.
Step by step its mystery unfolds,
seven steps into the unknown make a week.

It may be mysteries our patience try,
but, as the time is right, one may unfold;
before our endurance is gone, we cry,
"Could it be in part, the outcome is told?"

In Hands far greater than ours, it rests.
What shall the day bring of warmth or woe,
if in our plan or circumstance manifests,
not to control, but going with the flow?

Serenity, accepting what is to come,
and fortitude to hold firm unchanging truth,
the day will proceed and perhaps another one;
our way, by Guide and Mercy we won't lose.

@09/01/2020 Carol Welch
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