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Mornings on my radio

Many mornings on my radio,
my sleepy eyes and ears awake,
as the pleasant voice and comments flow,
prompting a changed point of view to take.

The frogs Dave reported just weeks ago,
were sluggish with their croaking slow.
Now they're chirping like canary birds,
with his country songs, forgetting the snow.

He tells of hefty heifers' unwilling ways,
to move where he wants them led or sent,
while stalwart steers, in cahoots, that day,
made moving dung inconvenient.

Who else could entertain us with face straight,
with a seasonably chosen tune,
with lyrics about a young man seeking a date,
running and howling at the moon.

And still with heartfelt empathy,
comment on Dolly's patchwork coat,
while facts of the current market see,
relay news of dairy, wheat, and goat.

Could anyone with humor droll,
address both the frivolous and grave,
with chuckle and phrase of self-control?
I say a hearty, "Thank you, Dave."

@05/08/2018 Carol Welch
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