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Mixed Pre-fall Perceptions

Nearly hidden in a green and leafy nook,
where foliage of deep green upholstered boughs,
framed by craggy rocks and mirrored on the brook,
the twig of sumac, bright hint of change allows.

Though, obvious, from pink and white to mauve and gold,
hues of roadside's rim in metamorphosis;
when longer days and warm weather we would hold.
Sumac's flame gives soft pastels a goodbye kiss.

The maple's lush branches, fluttering leafy green,
reveal twigs here and there, with blushing edge;
bright berries between hawthorn's leaves are seen,
and ruby woodbine twines along the ledge.

The hummingbird on blossom with airborne dance
a brief refreshment, then a quick zip away,
while changing hues fledgling's plumage enhance
identifying gender with each passing day.

Bergamot, from purple turns to wrinkled brown.
while goldenrod its yellow sneeze threat flaunts.
Tassels, plentiful, the cornfields proudly crown;
field mice and ground squirrels fortify their haunts.

So summer slips away, leaving inch by inch;
mixed feelings hold sway as I observe it all,
though the thought of coming winter makes me flinch,
I realize honestly, I really like the fall.

@08/30/2018 Carol Welch
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