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Levity and True Honor

The 'pow' and 'thud' is in the distance heard;
it's summer now, some rascals jump the gun.
If flash or glow trace sound that has occurred,
it can be early revel has begun.

If we are patriotic in our acts,
though many are looking for an excuse,
to blow off steam, because of history's facts,
the sound and sight of celebration choose.

If some joker near us bubble wrap explodes,
by twisting it or stamping with their shoe,
in flighty humor, irritation bodes,
but reason is sound when we herald the true.

We praise the hard won, cherished liberty;
we hope we're learning as we go along,
that, though the gain of freedom is not free,
we combine with wisdom, freedom's joyous song.

06/26/2017 Carol Welch
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