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It's a pleasure and an honor too,
sharing the printed page with you.
As you relate experience,
feelings, color, common sense.
Knowing you've shared in Nashville's scenes,
country western, guitar and jeans.

You've told, prose and rhyme, of overseas'
World War Two, what memories.
The bravery, the pain and strife:
you've lived and shared that side of life.
And, love of life, you're not afraid,
to share deep impact that it's made.

Of steadfast love and sweet romance,
the blessings of the heart's glad dance.
To share in verse the pain of loss,
how--nostalgic-- precious lives could cross.

With abundant praise for those who serve,
whose smiles and attitudes add verve.
Much like the spirit in your phrase,
each season's beauty and its days.
You express life's lessons, feeling, view,
It's a privilege to share this space with you.

@04/09/2018 Carol Welch
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