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Jay's Logger Legend

This story has truth; with the elders check,
how early work wit lumber was done,
near the community of Chetek,
a logger seen again seen by no one.

As legend has it, a bygone day,
recalling fear that we recollect,
a stalwart logger, known only as Jay,
met his demise through an ice defect.

The whirling eddy, deep and unseen,
had weakened ice where logs were then towed.
The whirl pool then swallowed swift and clean,
man, team, sleigh, and logs, the whole load.

No trace was found; ice had obscured,
layers deep, water rushing beneath.
The dynamic action, no rescue secured,
his last, no longer breath could he breathe.

Though years have passed by, the whirlpool still,
directs, "Beware: peril presides."
Parent or loved one firm, with good will,
watch and with firm orders guides.

So, Knapp and Stout Lumber, the founders,
moved on, and progress did take place.
Those taking care, not close arounders,
avoid fate like the memorialized Jay's.

@07/18/2018 Carol Welch
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